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Every recommendation below is truly a product, service, or charity I value. *Some of the links provided below are affiliate or referral links, which means if you purchase via my link, it costs you nothing extra, but they give me a small kickback as a thank you for spreading the word.

Dance Shoes

I highly recommend you purchase proper dance shoes. Your feet will thank you and you'll find the dance movement easier to execute. Please do not purchase your first pair of dance shoes online, it is important that you get properly fitted.


My friend Shirley runs the Glass Slipper, she has several locations, including one in East Portland on Broadway and one in Beaverton. Be sure to call ahead to check store hours. The Glass Slipper has the most diverse selection of dance shoes you'll find anywhere and they specialize in ballroom, Latin, and swing dance shoes.


If you have a foot which is challenging to fit and she doesn't have the right shoe in stock for you, Shirley can and will get it for you. I have an extra narrow foot and only a few brands make a dance shoe narrow enough for me, I can always find the right shoe at the Glass Slipper.


The Glass Slipper website does not have most of their inventory loaded, the in person selection is impressive. Please be sure to let them know I sent you. The blue buttons below are videos I made which address the most common questions people have about dance shoes.

Personal Care Products

This tea tree oil foot spray by Earth Therapeutics is fantastic. Soothing, cooling, and naturally antibacterial. I've been using this foot spray for years. Feels wonderful on your feet after a long night of dancing.

Smartmouth mouthwash is amazing stuff. The only mouthwash I've ever used that actually works and lasts for up to 12 hours!



I love the Lavender mint chapstick from the local apothecary Molly Muriel.

I've been getting lots of compliments on my lipsticks lately. These are gorgeous, safe enough to eat, and richly pigmented with fruit.  I've swapped my toxic cosmetics for green and clean cosmetics from100% Pure (I especially like their: BB cream, coffee eye cream, palettes, and fruit pigmented lipsticks).

Fair Trade

Three and a half years ago, I learned that many of my every day purchases were contributing to modern day slavery. I began to research, and gave myself time to process my discomfort with this. After a time of feeling powerless, I realized that if I could make one conscious purchase at a time and help build awareness, I could be part of the solution.

The first purchase I chose to change was chocolate. Due to their use of child slave labor, I have stopped purchasing chocolate made by the two biggest brands. Last year, they even won a law suit where they were given permission not to inform the public of this on their labels!!


With offices in Portland, my top pick for fair trade chocolate is the delicious Tony Chocolonely bars.

I have since stopped purchasing clothing and accessories from brands who do not demonstrate values towards fair trade, ethical, and environmentally conscious production. Watch this page for additional fair trade brands I fall in love with.

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