the joy

... of dancing with your darling. You can learn a few steps and discover the magic of moving to the music  together.

"Lianne and I are celebrating our 4th anniversary today. Our wedding was incredible and we have Michaela to thank for a very memorable first dance! She choreographed a dance to the song of our choice and it was incredible. People still comment on how beautiful it was. Thanks Michaela!"



Owner/ Instructor

  • Twirling while learning to walk,

  • trained and taught with both Fred Astaire and Arthur Murray Studios,

  • a Masters degree in Education,

  • 13 years teaching science in public school,

  • and over 19 years teaching dancing.

Michaëla can discover how you and your partner learn best. She strives to share her passion for dance and connection with enthusiasm, patience, kindness, gentleness, encouragement, support, excellence, joy, compassion, positivity, and a deep love for people.

Over her many years teaching dancing,  Michaëla has discovered a deep desire to support her students' relationships through dance. This business has become about more than dancing, it has become a way to honor and nurture the love her students have for their partners. The connection developed on the dance floor fosters deeper trust and communication which leads to sparking the joys of intimacy beyond the dance floor.

Contact me
Text or call 503 . 936 . 8886
email: dance "at" dancingintherain . net

Dance SHOES are best, however until you're ready to invest in proper footwear there are some options that you might already have in your closet. Ideally, you'll want shoes with leather soles that hug your foot and move with you. Shoes that are not good for dancing are sneakers, stilettos, mules, and flip flops. These shoes stick to the floor, restrict your foot articulation, and/or don't stay safely on your foot when you move; All of which can lead to injury. If you don't have appropriate shoes to wear, ballet/jazz shoes are an affordable option. For lessons at the Sherwood Dance Academy socks can work on the marley floor. Socks would be too slippery for the dance floor at Element in Old Town Sherwood. Learn more about purchasing dance shoes on the "Favorite Things" page.

Dance lessons and events are hosted out of two LOCATIONS: The Sherwood Dance Academy and Mac Mead Hall (McMinnville).

TUITION rates are per couple. Private lessons are $90 each, event tickets are usually $20, and private wedding coachings are $100 each.

HOW DO WE START? With one private lesson. 


HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO LEARN TO DANCE? Most couples begin to feel more comfortable dancing together after five or six lessons, then they become relaxed and confident around ten lessons. Spreading out the lessons over long periods of time does not promote learning. Learning to dance well enough for the skills to stick takes about three months and consistent practice, just like any other skill. More time is needed for couples to truly begin to dance beautifully and confidently. With so many wonderful dances to choose from, many couples find they want to spend more time learning so as to grow their repertoire. This way, no matter the special event or music playing they have dance skills at the ready!

WHAT DANCES ARE BEST FOR US TO START WITH? The music you listen to and enjoy the most is a great place to begin. Check out Dancing in the Rain's Spotify playlists to get a sense of the music that goes with each style of dance and view descriptions of each dance here. Whether you have a chance to check out the resources or not, we can work together to pick one or two dances for you to begin with.

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